Saturday, August 29, 2015


So its been a while and it has been a busy almost a year since my last post. I got through DCon then I had a couple of shows and then WonderCon. I bring this up because I am just now posting up some of what I had left from WonderCon in my now reopened store I did mention I have been busy right?

So on this day, August 29th 2015, at 2pm I am reopening my store and offering my strange creations. 

Coming up I am participating in a new Group show at Leanna Lins Wonderland Curated by Hana of Supahcute and I'm really excited about my new pieces. I have an illustrated piece and a sculpt in progress. 


And after that I have a Halloween themed group show. More info on that later and then of course DCon in November. Going to be a grueling end of the year. Lets hope I make some fun stuff. and don't kill my baby hands or get dead.