Tuesday, January 26, 2010


One of the last projects I did for one of my classes has really stayed with me. and even though I am not doing exactly what I did in that and I am not using a digital medium, it is still an ode to that. I have been using pen and marker, monochromatic, on heavy watercolor paper and I definitely think the results are kind of cool. I am working on a pretty big piece, for me that is, at the moment. It started as post it notes then a fully composed sketch in my notebook and through that process has really morphed into a whole other entity. But it isn't easy. My left hand is numb every morning. haha. I am reallly digging it though. So here is a little of what led to the current larger work, and a peek at the larger piece that is currently taking over my life.

First Drawing (Sketch Book)

Second Drawing (Sketch Book)

Large Drawing (Heavy Watercolor paper Pen & Marker)

Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year!

Here we are again. New year and a new decade. I would have to say I have a level of optimisim I did not have last year. This year feels fresh and new and filled with possiblities. The only limits are what I put on myself. I am ready to try to be more. I am prepared to fail. But I can only hope to suceed. This is my only resolution.

I will try to do better and not put limitations on my life or on myself.

Well that and lose weight...