Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My New Year So Far

So it is two weeks deep and hey the year is pretty sweet. Sold my custom for the Almighty Dunny Show. Finished the catalog I was working on (finally). And I invented a way to make gold... Ok that last one is pure fabrication, but hey two outta three ain't bad. That last one would have been great...hmm. Well no use crying over spilt milk. Anyway, I feel the creative juices flowing and I am developing ideas.

This year I want to try new things so I will be working on a custom series this year. and the blanks have arrived! Still working out the details but I hope to start work on these bad boys in the next week or so. I have only been customizing for a year so I may be biting off a bit more than I can chew, but hey you can't succeed if you don't fail. Any who, for anyone interested, I will be posting progress pics on twitter and flickr. Should be fun :)

The troops have arrived. It's almost go time.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

New Year

I was very excited for the new year last year, and I had very positive outlook. Thankfully I can say that it was truly a great year. By no means was it perfect mind you. I had bad days for sure. Hell I even had a few bad weeks. There was stress and unhappiness like any other year. But there was also progress.

This past year saw me participate in my first art show. I had the opportunity to participate in a few custom toy shows as well. I started working and developing my animations. And I continued to work towards my career goals. And very unexpectedly I found myself reaching out for help and getting a lot of helpful feedback and how to's from people in my career path and in my toy universe.

Before New Year's Day I was also given a lot of great advice and I intend to put it to practice as I tear the shrink wrap off of this brand spankin' new year. I am not necessarily making resolutions, but I am setting goals for myself.

My 2011 goals are simple but they are resolute.

I will continue to work harder, and try to work smarter :)
I will continue to work towards participating in more custom shows and embrace more opportunities (here's to hoping they embrace me back)
I will continue to work towards strengthening and pushing my style as I work towards get into a gallery show or two.
I will continue to push myself and my animations and hopefully make more steps in that direction.
I will take better care of myself so I can abuse myself with lack of sleep when I need to.
And I will try new things regularly.

I know no man (or woman in my case) is promised tomorrow but if I get all 365 days the next year I am going to make it better. More animations, more customs, more painting, more drawing, and above all more growth as an artist. So Cheers to another year. May it be prosperous and filled with some truly awesome moments.

Let's do this.