Monday, January 29, 2007

Graphically Challenged

Some may wonder why I named my blog Graphically Challenged, and some don't care, some just happened here while scanning the internet instead of working. Whatever your reason, I thought I would explain myself a little. So, I built this blog a few years ago but I barely began to use it today. Why? No friggen clue but hey there is something nice about putting your thoughts out there. A certain amount of anonymity I guess.

So, to explain the name I simply answer you this, I am challenged everyday to create graphic work that will gain me customers and to be different from the millions of other graphic designer around me. I struggle with doing mundane graphics for my customers and trying to create something beautiful for me. I struggle with balancing my love for fine arts and my desire to be a great graphic designer.

Above and beyond that I love music, movies, and technology. My Mac Computers, my iPod and cell phone complete me and my family is my world. I am involved in a few things right now. I have to make a list of things I want to do. And the picture I am showing is hopefully the beginning of something big.