Sunday, June 24, 2012

My newest resin release, The Unhappbees are ready to find new homes. The unhappy little fellows are 2"w x 3"h. They will be available on Tuesday June 26th in my store at 6:00pm PST.

These guys have been really fun to make and see their little unhappy faces has brought a smile to mine. Here are some progress pictures from start to finish for anyone interested.

Original sculpt all sanded and ready to mold

I have been meaning to put those antenna on for months.

Resin poured and ready for sanding

Think it's time to get back to work on these. Doing the small ones first. Then maybe the big ones. #resin #bees #artpin

All cleaned up and ready to get painted

Sanded, cleaned, and ready to paint. #resin #bees #experimenting #artpins

All painted and finished. For individual pictures go to my Flickr.