Friday, March 14, 2014


I have been trying to put together an artist statement for something and have been really thinking about why I do what I do. And it occurred to me that maybe it was time to share a bit. I tend to joke a lot so I will try to be somewhat serious but I make no promises. So here it goes.

I don’t want to teach you anything.

I don’t want to share my politics/thoughts/or religion with you.

I don’t want to change your mind about anything. Honestly.

All I want is for you to feel.

I want you to look at my work and smile. I want you to look at my sculptures and feel bad for them. I want you to laugh because they are doing something ridiculous. I want you to wonder why they are so angry, crabby, or just plain odd. I want you to feel something because when I look at my favorite pieces in my collection I feel SOMETHING.

This started as a stress relieving hobby and has become so much more. It is a passion now. I love making things. The moment I see that little face looking out at me from the clay is my favorite part of the process. And I hope to continue doing it but mostly I want to get better. I dont take myself too seriously but I am serious about making the best work I can and pushing myself to grow.

So for those of you that look at my work and like or comment I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. For those of you that own something I have made, thank you, thank you. It is hard to let go sometimes but I send each piece off with the hope that they sit in your lives and you look at them and smile. 


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