Sunday, August 24, 2008

Uggh... life stinks when you cant have wings

So we are on day five of my Red Bull-less existence. To add injury to insult, I cleaned out my car and found a brand new 16.9 oz can in my car and I was deeply saddened. My cousin stole said Red Bull and proceed to drink it in front of me. To top that off, in an entirely unrelated situation, my headache has continued. I have had it since the the previous Friday. I have swallowed so much excedrin my costco bottle is almost empty. I think I have cerebral leak. For those of you who do not know me, I am a little bit of a hypochondriac so this is a self diagnosis.

So back to the Red Bull Scenario. I decided to back off of the Red Bull for a few days in order to avoid the possibility of my heart exploding in my chest (see above for info about being hypochondriac). I made the mistake of mentioning this to a friend, namely Dawn, the amazing owner of Greatest Commandment in Simi Valley. 1520 E Los Angeles Avenue. Yes I do have this memorized. Don't ask. So I told her I was laying off and she said I should stop and I tried to explain that it completes me. long story short i was essentially dared to refrain from consuming this drink, this nectar of the Gods. Now I do not like to be challenged or told I cannot do something so I am refraining at the very least until this next weekend. At which point if I feel I no longer need Red Bull I will set it free. If I feel empty inside, like my heart has been ripped from my chest and I can live no longer then I will happily consume my Red Bull again.

On to my profession. I am still working at my job and I have gotten another job. I assure I do not have a death wish. I like to work. Sadly this puts my line on the back burner, but I have to do what i have to do. I did do a few designs for Life Without Limbs and from what I hear they are doing well. Once they are online I will get a link. Im excited to say the least. I really need to get my new site up I LOVE it. I think it really represents my aesthetic.

So I miss Red Bull, my head is leaking sporadically( I think), and I am about to work myself into the ground. This is my life thus far.

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