Thursday, September 06, 2012

UPDATED Potato Baby

Potato Baby, a set on Flickr.
Potato Baby will be going on sale Saturday September 8th at 12 noon PST in my store

There will be 6 original "Baked" Versions for $65+shipping and one special Tinfoil Edition for $75+shipping. He stands at 4" tall and 2.5" wide.

Here is the backstory for anyone interested.

The Story of Potato Baby

This story begins with The Forgetful Creator. An inquisitive soul that tinkered and researched endlessly. Often sleeping less than four hours a night she lived off of coffee and other caffeinated drinks. 

It was on such a night that the Creator found herself so caught up in a project that the rumble of her stomach startled her from her work. She looked up and realized it was after midnight. With a stretch and a yawn the Creator made her way to the kitchen in hopes of finding something quick and easy to eat. 

Opening the fridge and peering at the shelves she found nothing appetizing. Into the cupboards she peered and found a bag of coffee and lone potato. She did not remember the last time she had purchased potatoes so she cautiously lifted it and studied it. It felt solid and looked fresh. She sniffed it and found it to have no odor. Shrugging she turned to the oven and turned it on. Laying the potato on a cookie sheet she set to make coffee while she waited. Muttering to herself she absently spooned coffee and poured the water. Placing the potato in the oven she walked back to her work area and grabbed for her mug. Peering down at her notes she set the mug back down and jotted down some notes. And before she new it her baked potato was forgotten and she was caught up in her work again. 

In the oven the potato cooked. The skin began to dry and crisp the insides began to soften. As time passed and the heat intensified the potato began to take a turn. Slowly the fluffiness began to dry and harden. The skin dried and toughened. Smoke started filling the kitchen and inside the oven curious changes started happen.

The creator absently reached for her mug and found the mug empty. Suddenly remembering the oven she ran to the kitchen. a smoky layer filled the kitchen. Grabbing a rag she opened the oven and a plume of smoke enveloped her. Blindly grabbing the tray she placed it on the stovetop and then moved to open then windows and wafted the smoke. 

As the room cleared, the Creator made her way back to the stove. Expecting a charred shrunken shell she was amazed to instead see a brown potato sitting up and peering at her with two hard steely eyes. The little potato moved her stubby arms that seemed to have sprouted during its time in the oven. The Creator cautiously stepped closer to the little potato, never breaking eye contact. Standing right in front of the little creature the Creator slowly hunched down to the potato's eye level. 

The potato opened its tiny mouth and growled.