Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Had a lot of fun making the first run of monster magnets and pins. Decided to make a different color selection of the previous two and added two new sculpts. Also decided to stick to magnets this go around. Only made four of each. These will be available Friday 7/26 AT 1PM PDT in my store. 



Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Been super busy but never too busy to keep making Monstery things. My latest release are these fun Monster plaques. These will be available in my store on Thursday at 1pm for $40. There are six available in assorted colors. 

Also I will have some more monster magnets in my store next week. Different colors of the first two and two completely new sculpts. 

Tuesday, July 02, 2013


Hello again. I have been so swamped the past few weeks with this really awesome online art camp for the last seven weeks. I heard about it the day before it went live and jumped right in. It has been so time consuming and daunting but I have learned SO MUCH. I have never been a digital painter my any means and I am not there yet but I am definitely making strides to be on my way.

The Art Camp is hosted by Digital Artist Noah Bradley. and let me say week one was worth my money alone. I am struggling to keep up with the projects because the workload is very heavy and I am a newbie on top of other thing I have going on. But its worth the lack of sleep and lack of personal life :)

Anyhow, here is some of my progress and work so far to give you an idea of my growth and a small portion of the workload. A little over halfway through and having a blast.

Week 1 Master Studies

Week 1 Color And Composition Studies from Master paintings.

Week 2  Color Studies

Week 2 Imagination Studies and Master Study 

Week 3 Still Life and Imagination studies


Week 4 Self Portrait (this week I was preparing for a the Live Sketching among other things so not much)

Week 5 Master Studies and Plein Air Studies and imagination studies

Week 6 Photo Studies

Week 7 Fur Metal Studies so far