Monday, November 16, 2009

In Other News..

so I have been busy with freelance and classwork. And I got pretty sick so didn't post a few things. So went to see Tegan and Sara and it was fantastic. That was a few weeks ago. I am getting ready to go to the CTN Expo. Excited to see all of the artists. Thinking about going to the DesignerCon Convention, I really want to get the Lava Magnus and Terror and meet Joe Ledbetter but I have to see what is going on at CTN. So much I want to do. Ordered a Beastlies can't wait for it to arrive. and the most fantastical thing is I found a Charlie Brown vinyl with the little Christmas tree. Love Charlie Brown. So that's life in a nutshell. Other than that I have just been working, looking for a new job and working on some product packaging and a catalog. Also started a new custom vinyl. More to come.

Testing 1 2 3..watercolor.

So thought I'd try my hand at water color. These have only been marginally edited to darken the was an assignment thing and I thought a good time to try watercolor. Not exactly successful but hey I gave it the ol' college try.