Tuesday, July 02, 2013


Hello again. I have been so swamped the past few weeks with this really awesome online art camp for the last seven weeks. I heard about it the day before it went live and jumped right in. It has been so time consuming and daunting but I have learned SO MUCH. I have never been a digital painter my any means and I am not there yet but I am definitely making strides to be on my way.

The Art Camp is hosted by Digital Artist Noah Bradley. and let me say week one was worth my money alone. I am struggling to keep up with the projects because the workload is very heavy and I am a newbie on top of other thing I have going on. But its worth the lack of sleep and lack of personal life :)

Anyhow, here is some of my progress and work so far to give you an idea of my growth and a small portion of the workload. A little over halfway through and having a blast.

Week 1 Master Studies

Week 1 Color And Composition Studies from Master paintings.

Week 2  Color Studies

Week 2 Imagination Studies and Master Study 

Week 3 Still Life and Imagination studies


Week 4 Self Portrait (this week I was preparing for a the Live Sketching among other things so not much)

Week 5 Master Studies and Plein Air Studies and imagination studies

Week 6 Photo Studies

Week 7 Fur Metal Studies so far

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