Monday, December 10, 2012


Happy Holidays everyone. This is most likely my last release of the year and I am going to try (really hard) to enjoy the holidays this year. That being said I decided to make some Monster Ornaments to end out the year. Each one is a hand crafted original made from Magic Sculpt and bad behavior. They will be available tomorrow, December 11th @ 6:30pm PST in my store for $40. They are approximately 3" tall by about a 1.5" wide (varies).

And as an extra thank you to everyone that has purchased something from me or even taken time to look at my work I am having sale that will last until Friday night. 20% off your entire purchase of $50 or more. Must use code "HOLIDAY20"!

Thanks again to those of you that have purchased from me this past year. I am so grateful that you would spend your hard earned money on my creations and I hope you have a great holiday. All the best!


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