Wednesday, November 09, 2011

DesignerCon...The Aftermath

DesignerCon was a great experience. I was finally able to meet face to face with people I have only ever known though social networking. I had such a blast talking to everyone I was able to get time with and the highlight was being asked to sketch for a few nice people (Sorry to the guy that got the Yeti sketch with no ears). It was such a different experience from last year and I am really excited moving forward. Really hoping there is more opportunities like this in my future.

And speaking of the future. I have an original figure that I am collaborating on with Adam Pratt that is realeasing soon. I had a lot of fun sculpting this guy and I have no doubt Adam is going to kill it. I will have more information soon and some pictures as well.

For now I have some customs, prints, and coasters left. I will have them in my store hopefully next week but if anyone wants to purchase anything here is what I have left.

I will take pictures if the prints this weekend. But don't hesitate to ask if there are any specifically you would like. Thanks again and more updates soon. 


DustBunnyMafia said...

Thanks for the awesome Yeti sketch... I read through this post and had to wonder, did my sketch have ears? I went and checked, it did not. It's still an awesome sketch! Thanks again.

Vanessa said...

Haha. Ooops. I knew I missed it when I was asked to draw a second time! Sorry! that was my first time sketching for anyone. Glad you still like him! Let me know if you have a picture of him it would be funny to add a pic of the earless drawing.

DustBunnyMafia said...

Yeah, I have a picture of it here.