Friday, April 22, 2011

Meth And Hot Dogs 2 Show

BoxerBoxer_FrontBoxer_SideBoxer FaceThe Sumo WrestlerThe Sumo Wrestler
The Sumo WrestlerThe Sumo WrestlerThe Sumo WrestlerThe Sumo Wrestler

Meth And Hot Dogs 2 Show, a set on Flickr.

Here are my customs for the Meth & Hot Dogs 2 show. Not sure why but I was feeling the whole fighter warrior thing this go 'round. Really wanted to paint them monochromatic but stay away from full on white. Kept it in the gray and black tones. And of course a splash of color.

I chose a Sumo Wrestler and a Boxer because I wanted to make completely different characters that still were similar thematically. The body types, clothing and dress are polar opposites but they both have honor and train hard. Had fun making the muscles and hair, but they were challenge, and maybe not so perfect but fun to do.

Via Flickr:
These are the customs I did for the show.

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