Tuesday, March 01, 2011

New Month, New Stuff

Already March and things are progressing, and yet not. I have not worked on my series yet. My testing phase is becoming too fun apparently. Things got really busy with a client, my classes, and of course work so not much happened with some of the tests. However, I am hoping to finish working on the new "hair" dunny I was working on, start my series and continue casting resin.

What? Did I just say casting resin. Why, yes. Yes I did. I am currently involved in a Hand Made Toy Swap on Show Me Your Vinyl. If you are asking me what that is then we need to talk. Have a seat, make a cocktail, or a stiff cup of coffee. Show me Your Vinyl is a Facebook, Twitter, Rotocasted hybrid thing-a-ma-bob. It is a site where toy people go to chit chat, show off toy collections, customs and the like. It is relatively new and still growing. So I joined this group that was asking us toy customizers to see if they wanted to make a completely original toy out of any media and participate in a toy swap. I decided to do it and here we are. I made a figure. I made a mold. I cast Resin. I also splashed it in my face, which I do not recommend. Here are some progress pics.

Sculpey Figure

Here is a test pull. Kinda rough. Thinking of redoing the mold.

Next blog I will show the first attempts gone wrong. At one point I only poured the head. This is not the easiest thing, don't judge me. Of course I decided to do a Yeti. A Yeti Mini. He stands 2.5" tall approximately. All kinds of cute. So I am thinking of making the Swap one with a super custom paint job, then making a few more with standard paint jobs and selling them in my store. I want the recipient of my swap version to have a unique piece but I can't make just one. HE IS REALLY CUTE. That might just be me that thinks that but it's like being a parent. You love your ugly baby.

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