Saturday, August 07, 2010

I love my Toys

After I bought bossy bear and started posting pictures of him looking at me, I decided to look for some of the other Uglydoll toys. I got a small Wage and Ox and finally got a large Babo, and I love him. Unfortunately his previous owner was a smoker so he smells to all hell. So I have aired him out and he smells less gross. And in turn I have been dressing him and taking pictures. The funny thing is these Uglydoll action figures are so full of life that I can't help it. It was with my cell phone so the pics aren't the greatest, but they crack me up. So here are a few of the pictures I have taken recently and might have to post here occasionally for the whole zero readers I have.

Babo stole the t-shirt off of my coworkers Teddy bear. Oops.

Babo got into my snack drawer at work. Eww. (as aforementioned he smells and he has been wearing that robe for a week)

Babo woke up around 2pm and decided it was coffee time...and helped himself to my coffeemaker.

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