Tuesday, March 09, 2010

I love Yetis

So I have been working on a honing a style and a series of illustrations. Not that that excuses my gross insensitivity to my blog. So today I have an appointment that could possibly be very cool for me. I took a chance and answered a random email and I have refrained from talking, tweeting or status updating about it so I won't look like an ass if it doesn't work out. But I am excited at the prospect and I think a little positive thinking and putting it out there a bit may be a good thing. Here is an illustration I have been working on and it has spawned an entire series of illustrations.

And in other news my cousin got married a couple of weeks back and I was asked to make the cake topppers. The wedding was beautiful and Thanks To Aunika and Jon for asking me to add something to their wedding.

Bride & Groom Topper

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