Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Ok so it has been a full few weeks and these classes I am taking are proving to be time consuming and brain sucking. I like it. Kind of. It is forcing me to sqeeze my creative juices, you know so they are fresh. Although it would be remiss of me not to say every once in a while I really just want to go home and knock out. The stuff I am producing is cool though. It keeps me going.

So I'm trying to work on illustrations and I abused those color pencils a lot this week. I have only within the last few years embraced color. Hard to believe I know. My monochromatic prejudice was holding me back. However, I was a woman on a mission so I really just let if flow and I used all kind of color. It was definitely an exercise in trying to embrace imperfection. I have the crazy habit of trying to fix things that don't look right. Ok so here they are.

The next one is the one I dig. Woot Woot.

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