Monday, August 31, 2009

Apparently I have an odd perspective....

So I took a Flash Animation class to kind of get a feel for the type of animation I may want to do at some point. Hopefully. And this is some of the odd crap that spilled out of my mind. I thought it was a little bent but I think the characters are kinda cool looking.

The Twins by =vramirez on deviantART

Ok so on that video the idea was Opposites. Taking your personality, and the polar opposite of yourself and geling the two in an animatic. As Im sure you've noticed the illustrations look like me. I skipped geling and stitched those bad boys(well girls in this case) together and made my own little frankenstein interpretation.

Dual Vision Video by =vramirez on deviantART

On this one the idea was Duality. So I made a scene literally where you see yourself and it's really overwhelming. Pretty straight forward I think. Well this is something else I have worked on more recently.

Classes begin today and I am definitely excited to see what I get to learn. This time around I am learning Experimental Animation, stop motion and what not. Illustration for storyboarding(dust off those drawing skills, or lack there of). And 3d Animation, which is what I really want to do. Wow this came out really long. Oops.

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