Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Year, New Pains, New Plans

So here we are again. Another year. It never ceases to amaze me how everyone expects the New Year to feel different. Instead most wake up feeling like crap and vowing never to do that again. But I guess it helps to have hope for the New Year. I chopped my hair off today because I just had enough. This mop was driving me nuts. I had to keep my hair long when I was younger so know once it starts getting past my shoulders I freak. So I am feeling balanced.

So this year is going to be a busy one. I am started a new t-shirt line and I think it would be good to document it via blog. I am partnering up with my cousin. Generally family and business does not gel but we can do this. I have got to make a change for myself. I am tired of bending myself all over the place and busting my ass to make others money. I think I need to apply myself to create a better life for myself as well as a future.

So if someone out there reads this, join me on this new road. It should be interesting.

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Big Sis (Terri) said...

I will join you!!! I definitely need a better life.